Saturday, January 31, 2009

Learn More About Twitter...

Have you discovered Twitter yet...

Twitter, like LI, and the ever popular FaceBook, is a web app/social networking tool that is attaining a growing user base. It works differently than the others, but allows the powerful abilities to send communications out on a much regular, broader scale leading to a greater effectiveness and additional tool to compliment your web strategy. The following YouTube tutorial will bring you up to speed on it's benefits.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Interview with LinkedIn CEO on the Vision of LI --- 1 Million New Users Per Month...

Video Offline 2-4-09

The more I get into the novelty of LI and it's awesome ability to connect you with the outside world, people you don't know, and new bold, global horizons... The more time, energy, and resources I find myself spending on it.

The following is an interview with Linked In founder and CEO, Dan Nye. He claims that over 17 million are Linked In. with 1/2 of his user base in North America, and another 50% abroad. Those are lofty numbers. Personally, I have found the kind of information available on people and their companies to rival what you can find available from the Chamber of Commerce, Thomas Register, Hoovers, and many other agencies.

I've been using the product for a little less then 30 days, and my tertiary network is already in the 1,750,000 range which is rather mind boggling. There's an amazing scramble going on out there and at this posting, there's more info-generators being born every week. Tapping into these transmitters, and directing and harnessing the data will be a moving target and valuable service to anyone telling, selling, and communicating faster than ever before.


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Every website should have some video...

I recently read in John Maxwell's book, "Developing the Leader Within You," that with vision, what you see is what you get. He points out that a Standford University Study reveals that 89 percent of what people learn is visual... 10 percent of what is learned is auditory... and the rest comes through our additional senses. What's not specified is whether the visual includes reading as well as seeing. I might contend that even if reading is included, the amount learned by what we observe is still a rather high percentage.

I have been trying to come to a place of greater open-mindedness when it comes to the amount of written word versus visuals in constructing web content. Traditionally I would say that more content is better. Conventionally, the more examples, you'd think the more chance of striking a nerve when prospecting. But with video, you can ping a lot of senses at once, providing different means to engage the viewer besides just wordsmithing.

With the incredible amount of resources that Google spent to acquire the king of web video, Youtube, I have no reservations in saying,(along with them), that video is the future of the web. The sooner that business-to-business operators embrace that as fact, the farther ahead of the guy next door their businesses will be.


Keeping up with all the various technologies

People ask me how the business has changed in 25 years? I usually like to tell them that I find out each day how much I don't know. There's now so much out there, and frankly has been for years, that you can spend all day trying to keep up. A lot of it is very distracting, but it is truly amazing how much you can do with an account, username, and password.

I would like to share a few of my personal favorites... I have found that, is probably the most invaluable discovery that I've made in the past 10 years in the business. Check it out today and see if you don't agree that it's like going to college for $25/month.

Also, I finally discovered linkedin and facebook after watching my kids using it for years. The connections and information that you can make in just a few days is a modern day marvel.

I'd love to hear what you think, and what some of your favorite tools are.