Saturday, January 17, 2009

Interview with LinkedIn CEO on the Vision of LI --- 1 Million New Users Per Month...

Video Offline 2-4-09

The more I get into the novelty of LI and it's awesome ability to connect you with the outside world, people you don't know, and new bold, global horizons... The more time, energy, and resources I find myself spending on it.

The following is an interview with Linked In founder and CEO, Dan Nye. He claims that over 17 million are Linked In. with 1/2 of his user base in North America, and another 50% abroad. Those are lofty numbers. Personally, I have found the kind of information available on people and their companies to rival what you can find available from the Chamber of Commerce, Thomas Register, Hoovers, and many other agencies.

I've been using the product for a little less then 30 days, and my tertiary network is already in the 1,750,000 range which is rather mind boggling. There's an amazing scramble going on out there and at this posting, there's more info-generators being born every week. Tapping into these transmitters, and directing and harnessing the data will be a moving target and valuable service to anyone telling, selling, and communicating faster than ever before.


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