Friday, January 8, 2010

Video SEO and Tips for 2010

With the proliferation of YouTube and other video search platforms and hosting sites, Video SEO now offers affordable and dramatic results to increase site traffic and improved listing performance.

A recent Forrester Research report, they found that when videos are published properly, with optimized tagging and keywords, those videos had 53 times the likelihood that they would generate first page Google ranking above traditional SEO techniques and best practices.

Video SEO can be considered more effective than traditional Search Optimization in two ways. One, Google and other search engines work to have a mix of content posted in search results. They tend to rank video higher in importance to ensure that their search results maintain balanced mixed content output. And Two, as reported in a recent white paper, there is such a massive amount of video content on the web, and so little optimized for indexable search, the benefit to properly published materials is greatly performance enhanced.

Because many companies and site holders embed their own videos improperly, they are unseen by search indexing tools and have no way to catalog and apply to search compilation. Therefore, (Lesson Learned)you will want to obtain the help of someone who has experience with posting and properly listing your video content for the web. And, another key question that must be asked is whether production value is important when you post products and services for a world wide audience. Although YouTube has made it easy to purpose your video content, and optimized for the web, is your message going to confuse audiences on quality messaging to your target users? You may want to utilize some homegrown content with that of a professional when your audience sophistication comes into play.

A few other tips include:
  • Index the video permalinks and the videos themselves

  • Create linking back to your site when possible

  • Optimize your video per search engines you want search results to appear

  • Search for great keywords and search results by using the YouTube Suggest Features

Some Tips on Video SEO from Aaron Wall of SEOBook:

1) If you are going to post content on your site and on YouTube, you are best posting it on your site first. and the reason being is – you want the links coming to your site, if you can; because then that link juice can be used to rank better for a wide array of keywords.

2) You can also give people embed code like Vimeo does, so you are building links back to your site from embeds.

3) Try to make your site have more content on it than you put on 3rd party sites – perhaps there is a part 2 on your website or textual transcription on your site

These are just some things to get you started on your video SEO. We'll continue to add to the list and provide additional tutorials as they become available.