Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Learn Twitter in Five... Then what?

How about learning twitter in five minutes. This is like opening up a digital Pandora's box. It's addictive, it's powerful, and it's fairly easy.

Social Media Made Easy!

This is a very good demo on the big picture of social media. It doesn't get caught up in the use of which tools are best, or how to use them. It just enlightens as to the power of these new methods of marketing and on-line community building.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Linked In - At A Glance

This demo is a very brief overview of the interface, sections, and benefits of using Linked In as a professional business tool. This demo will explain components, brief setup, and the use of connections and productivity add-ons in this simple to use, yet powerful little package. For more information click through on the icon or link to see a short clip. If you'd like help in setting up your Linked In account or knowing more about modules, slide share, polls or other, please visit, or call at (513)600-1930.