Monday, May 11, 2009

Ustream of New Media Cincy - Saturday 9, 2009 - Content Care of NMC - Daniel Johnson Jr.

Here's a ustream of the video conversations we were having at New Media Cincy on Saturday. We thought we were going to talk about creating some video content for the group and we still plan to do that. But this segment was about using the new Web 2.0 tools in the business workplace.

Conversation was with Jim Sutter-President DVP, Podcast/Broadcaster Dylan Combs, Don Sceifers of EditVDO, Jeff Wasserstrom, and Tom Rockhold of Franklin Comp. Services. It was very info oriented as you can see here. We hope to do podcasting, and videocast again in the near future.

Enjoy. and comment if you'd like. If stream is a little flaky, you can go to UStream link to check it out as well. JS