Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Digital changing the game for authors and publishing...

Digital changing the game for authors and publishing

This is a clip from Novelist Brett Easton Ellis on how Digital is changing everything about authoring novels and publishing.

"And also the idea of a book costing not $25 anymore but $10 means you're also wiping away a lot of the cost of making a book. You know, the printing, the shipping, et cetera. And so the royalty rates for authors are shifting as well. So it's not as authors are necessarily going to lose money on their work in terms of people like buying to download them. The royalty rate is actually going to be the same, if not more, because they're cutting out all those other costs. So that can be a good thing as well."

When you ponder the massive change taking place - the reinventing of publishing and even storytelling...it's both wondrous and daunting.

I personally do not own a tablet myself, but I think about them almost daily. It's probably the next purchase on the tech "wishlist." Around my house there's well over 1000 books, which I've read maybe a hundred of... but, if I could collect them all in a folder... on a shelf in their own section of the digital wing --- who knows--- I might just clear out a few hundred square feet of living space, and put in a new workbench, or gym or something!

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