Thursday, July 9, 2009

PodCamp Ohio - My 2 Cents...

As an exercise to prepare for Saturday's "What I learned at PodCamp Ohio2," I'm putting to pen the most significant bytes of value and information that I stored away from the day.

First and foremost, I'm glad to be a part of the fraternity/community of podcampers and would like to go on record to say that you can't beat the value of these offline Social Media gatherings with anything else out there.

I was a little confused most of the time trying to figure out which seminar to sit through. There was so much good stuff, that I found myself catching 20 minutes of this one, 15 of that one, half hour of the podcasters, etc. Equally cool was that it was on campus of "The Ohio State University," and the facilities were fantastic---and so was the hospitality. I don't know who came up with the Mex Cuisine, but that was equally excellent.

I'd like to comment briefly on the atmosphere which I liken to almost "fellowship," status. I've not met a nicer group of individuals who seem genuinely interested in everyone else's well being. I guess it goes hand in hand with other Web 2.0 stuff that "free" is okay... although Jason Falls has some great thoughts about why "Free" may not be so good in the end.

Alright, here's what I personally chased around @ Podcamp...Podcast Consumer 101 by Michael Dell (, Creative Commons by Michelle Lentz (, Audacity Hands-On by Lumpy Lemke, Enterprise Blogging by Alison Bolen of SAS Institute, Live Podcast w/The Guys, Why your Digital Sucks w/Michael McDermott of BashFoo, Usability & Utility by Carol Smith of Midwest Research, Recording & Editing by Daniel Lewis (The Ramen Noodle) & Barely, Online Video Distribution with Sheila English, Missed in Digital Revolution w/David Esrati of New Wave, and wouldn't have missed Cliff Ravenscraft of Podcast Answer Man- Getting the Right Equipment "The First Time."

That's who I saw, here's what I learned(abbr.) - I now understand Creative Commons(sorta), Audacity is cool, you can be a "Thought Leader," or "Community Builder," Podcasting is "Flipping Fun," Blog 200 words if blogging everyday --- plus, follow and join blogger conversations, Develop websites in iterations, Optimal web videos are around 90 seconds, If you're not Web 2.0-ing, you're a dinosaur, and finally if you want to do podcasting, call Cliff Ravenscraft. There, that's what I learned at Podcamp Ohio.

I heard this week from Debba Hauppert that Podcamp Pittsburgh is coming up in the fall, and that's two days... Double awesome.

Oh yea, thanks to the Blogger's who told me to take the Websitetology seminar from Dave Esrati which I just got back from... You can quote me, "That was a good tip."


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