Monday, February 9, 2009

MSN's Top Ten Websites to Watch in 2009 - condensed version

Just for the sake of streamlining the descriptions of these top ten sites to watch for breakout in 2009, the following are on MSN's predictions list as the ones to make the biggest waves. The include:, Although there's the mention that they just don't match Hulu for viewership quality. Great representation of libraried material from CBS & Others., A live video feed service for mobile.

http://www.Boxee.TV, A nifty store and organize app for collecting video content from all over the web., Blackberry Application Storefront, Blackberry will continue to provide innovation mobile technology., Loopt is touted as a mobile device compass, allowing to detect location of the user., Described as a twitter for music. Collected comments, reviews off feedback about any artists., An engine that allows you to pack most of the social network apps into one handy tool for content organization., An application that allows you to use almost search engine type ability of tracking tweet discussions and managing/finding content., A facebook like app with worldwide users to the tune of 60 million. Music and video rivals many others out there growing in US., all full service travel assistant application---to assist with all aspects of travel, arrangements, and itineraries.

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